Why Organic? How can YOU assist in our global crisis in 2022?

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The weather in 2021 showed up in superlatives. Wettest. Driest. Hottest. Coldest. Deadliest. It was a watershed year—one that firmly planted us in the middle of what some are calling the “Oh, sh*#t!” era of climate awareness. 

Our consciousness around the changing climate was no doubt elevated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just due to the scientists and experts who’ve been ringing the alarm bells for decades. It was also because a series of climate disasters unfolded, personally, at our doorsteps. But calamity and catastrophizing never paint the full picture. Whilst there is vital, innovative, utterly urgent work being done by ourselves and by visionaries around the world, paving a hopeful path for our energy, agriculture, and social systems.

The start of the year is always a moment to look ahead and see where we think the current momentum is taking us. Working at the intersection of climate resilience, food security, organic, sustainable and regenerative farming. I have a wonderful perch to view all kinds of interesting progress and perspectives. We are most excited about 2022 and the prospects of getting more of you onboard.

Let us together put back CO2 where it belongs!


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