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Eight Seasons Organics is an international consultation business striving to be a leader in the regenerative, sustainable and organic farming sector.


To continuously be a key contributor towards a healthy and thriving farming body. Providing services to enhance growers to shift towards sustainable, organic & regenerative farming. To provide excellent service and to value our relationships with our clients.


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About Eight Seasons Organics

All of our soils that are under conventional agriculture are almost completely devoid of microorganisms. Fossil fuels are by no means the only source of climate change. When we damage our soils, carbon goes back to the atmosphere. When we destroy soil, it releases carbon dioxide. 

This is why  Eight Seasons Organics was founded. Africa’s first and only organic agricultural consultation firm. We help crop farmers overcome their fear of converting from conventional to organic, sustainable & regenerative farming through a gradual conversion. We can fix a lot of our climate issues if we bring the CO2 down into the living plant and put it back into the soil, where it belongs. 

The demand for organic food is growing globally as the world’s population increases and pressure is placed on existing farming systems. To meet this demand in an environmentally friendly way, organic agriculture must be applied in order to increase yields without compromising the ability of future generations to provide for their own food requirement. The correct way forward to preserve our environment and to stop further damage to the ecosystem lies, sustainable farming. Sustainable farming means producing food, fibre or plant products without harming the natural resources and considering social responsibilities such as working and living conditions of farmers and the health and safety of the consumer both in the present and future

Our services are offered through farm visits and followed by scientific and technical reports and recommendations.

ESO is a proud agent of Talborne Organics for farming inputs, which allows us to provide a complete service to farmers. Our health and the health of our planet is connected, help us to return more of its biodiversity.

Meet Hildegard

“It is my aim to provide sustainable organic alternative solutions and better-informed perspectives with reference to our

natural environment and its sensitive biosystems and honouring the interconnectedness of life.”

– Dr Hildegard Witbooi

Eight Seasons Organics is a love story ten years in the making.

In 2012, Dr Hildegard Witbooi-Masayiti (néeWitbooi) set out to follow her heart and her passion, by bringing her love for agriculture and entrepreneurship together and start what could become a legacy.

Hildegard was establishing her career as an esteemed medicinal plant research scientist, and had met her now husband Tariro and after years of city-country living, made a nostalgic escape with him to the quirky village of Stanford. He was ready to put corporate winemaking behind him and have a more hands on approach to the winemaking love affair

Hildegard too yearned for a more fulfilling sense of purpose, to connect with nature and to work the land. They confided in each other and shared their dreams and together they set out to find a new project in the country land where they are now based In the Village of Stanford near the coastal shore of Hermanus. They were home when they found this idyllic spot on earth, with its panoramic views and dramatic terrain covered in a diverse spectrum of fynbos flora where they’ve  been since 2012. What happened next was a whirlwind of sorts.

In the summer of 2021, Hildegard and Tariro started a family and little Lily was born that year. Hildegard knew that this was the time to truly start what was her life’s purpose – to create a legacy for her daughter and repair the planet whilst doing so.

Inspired by a vibrant and supportive community in Stanford, Hildegard reignited Eight Seasons Organics on the principles of her interests- Crop Production, Organic Regenerative and Sustainable Horticulture, Phytomedicine and Food Security.

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